Designation: Partner
Location: Kuwait

Dr. Fayez Alfadhli

Dr. Fayez Alfadhli is a partner at Meysan Partners and a member of the firm’s dispute resolution practice. He has extensive experience in advising clients on a wide range of legal matters, providing legal studies, and preparing relevant legal documents.

Prior to joining Meysan, Dr. Alfadhli was a partner at Arkan Legal Consultants law firm in Kuwait. He was also the co-founder of the firm.


Dispute Resolution


1. Member of the Kuwaiti Bar Association and a lawyer with the Supreme Court of Cassation and Constitutionalism
2. Member and arbitrator of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Center
3. Member and an international arbitrator at the Egyptian Arbitration Chamber (independent international arbitration chamber)
4. Founding member of the Kuwaiti Legal Association (under foundation)


I. PhD in Law from the Lebanese University of Beirut, Lebanon
II. Master’s degree in administrative law, Gulf University of Bahrain
III. High Diploma in Education, Arab Open University in Kuwait (curriculum and teaching methods)
IV. Bachelor’s degree in Law, Kuwait University
V. Highschool diploma, Shoaib high school, Kuwait

  • Provide all legal advice, submit studies, and prepare documents.
  • The ability to conduct administrative investigations to reach the causes of the problem from our experience in the field of criminal investigation previously and administratively currently.
  • Study administrative grievances and direct management to act.
  • Drafting administrative decisions, regulations, and contracts.
  • The ability to provide lectures and training courses in the academic field, especially in public law, for what is our field of specialization, especially in the
    following topics:
    1. Commercial law
    2. Administrative law
    3. Arbitration
    4. How to manage and regulate legal departments in government companies and institutions
    5. Drafting and writing legal contracts and administrative investigation
  • Participated in several arbitration bodies for an arbitrator against the Education Authority and have issued numerous judgments (judicial arbitration) or special arbitration and the number of judgements has reached 15, in addition to being a lawyer in many cases for an arbitration party.

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