Corporate Social Responsibility

Meysan Partners pride itself to be one of the most active regional law firms in providing assistance, support, and advice for deserving causes throughout its CSR program. Our CSR strategy enables our lawyers to use their skills and talents to make a real contribution to the wider society in which we operate.

We believe it is our responsibility to support the community through pro bono and charitable activities, and we rely on our lawyer’s commercial expertise, cross-practice, and cross-border network to deliver such support which translates into a real positive impact on our community.

We believe that our role as a law firm goes beyond our core activity, and that we have a genuine responsibility to serve our local communities in a meaningful and effective manner.


Pro bono legal service is a fundamental part of who we are and is very important to those whom we assist. We believe that supporting our community through pro-bono legal work is a critical component of our profession and an important factor in establishing our true excellence as a law firm.


Meysan Partners promote and practice equal opportunities within our workplace. Diversity is an essential part of our CSR policy. We continue to build and maintain a culture that values and gathers strength from difference.


The ability to successfully combine work and personal life is important for the well-being of our employees, and we strive to protect this work-life balance. Achieving this culture of work-life balance is tangible, so we make sure that we do not impose unreasonable work demands, by promoting strategies involves identifying flexible working options that satisfy both the needs of the employees and the firm, without compromising on the quality or the delivery of our commitments to the clients.

Such as creating flexible work arrangements, allowing work-from-home, flexible working hours, sabbaticals, and paternity leave. These are some of the ideas that Meysan endorse to help establishing a work-life balance.


Mutual trust and respect is a key facet of the way we work and its part of our culture and belief. We recognise the importance of maintaining mutual trust and confidence and respect. We believe it is important to value colleagues and their different perspectives. We recognise that employees at all levels in our organisation have something to contribute to our business and are encouraged to express their opinions and share their views.

We look forward to working with you.

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