Abdulhadi Alwadani

AbdulHadi AlWadani is Counsel at Meysan. Prior to joining the firm, AbdulHadi served as legal counsel among several recognized firms in the KSA and has been practicing law since 2015. During his career, he contributed to the success of many legal matters with his expertise and well-rounded knowledge on complex litigation cases.


Representing clients in litigation matters before Saudi courts.

Drafting legal pleadings, motions, and briefs in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Negotiating settlements and agreements on behalf of clients to resolve disputes.

Advising clients on legal rights, obligations, and potential outcomes of litigation.

Handling pre-trial procedures such as discovery, depositions, and motions practice.

Managing client relationships and providing regular updates on case developments.

Mentoring junior associates and interns to develop legal skills and knowledge.