Our corporate group provides top-tier advice for the region, for international and regional industrial and commercial companies, financial service institutions, investment funds, governments and individuals. Our lawyers thrive on complex transactions, often with significant regulatory and litigation issues.


Our arbitration practice is recognised as one of the leading names in the region and, more recently, the UK. Our lawyers have been involved in numerous Investor-State arbitrations, as counsel or arbitrator. We have consistently achieved important victories in some of the most notable regional and international arbitration cases. Whilst we can evidence a diverse range of experience in every conceivable kind of arbitration, we specialise in sovereign-related disputes, particularly those arising under international treaties for the protection of investments. We have a deep understanding of the political, financial and legal issues that affect Investor-State disputes, and an impressively high success rate -best illustrated by a high number of clients who trust us – time and time again. Our lawyers also have extensive experience in international arbitrations under the laws of a variety of different countries, and we have successfully represented clients in arbitrations under a variety of arbitral rules, and our matters frequently involve the coordination of proceedings in multiple jurisdictions and multinational discovery.


Our lawyers regularly represent clients in some of the most sophisticated and innovative capital-raising transactions in the region. Not only are they able to navigate the complex regulatory regimes in the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, they have often shaped the legislation and regulations that were designed to enhance the growth of the region’s capital markets. We represent both issuers and investment banks with the full range of securities offerings, from IPOs, privatisation of state-owned industries and private placements of securities to debt and equity derivative securities, asset-backed offerings and investment grade financings. We also advise clients on regulatory compliance, and corporate governance issues, and the evolving government regulations affecting capital markets activities.


For us, successful M&A is all about bringing a deep understanding of our clients’ business needs to every deal. We represent a broad range of multinational and domestic companies and financial institutions in not only the region’s largest mergers and acquisitions but also many first-of-their-kind transactions. Plus, whilst we truly excel in regional deals, we can also seamlessly handle cross-border transactions too, drawing on the full resources of the firm to coordinate efforts with our capital markets, commercial and regulatory, and banking and finance partners.


We excel in helping clients craft sophisticated solutions to issues in all major industries in the region, from initial financing and restructuring to project M&A, sovereign and project restructurings, political risk insurance, and other novel split-risk arrangements. We work with a diverse range of clients, from suppliers, contractors, sponsors and lenders, right through to export credit agencies, off-take purchasers and advisors. Our teams have advised on the development and financing of some of the most cutting-edge projects in the region, from public-private partnerships, acquisitions and divestitures to private equity investments, debt restructurings, tax equity transactions and the resolution of political risk claims and investment disputes.


Navigating Restrictive Acts under Kuwaiti Anti-trust Laws
Navigating Restrictive Acts under Kuwaiti Anti-trust Laws
May 17, 2024

The prevalence of restrictive clauses in contracts with a Kuwaiti nexus, introduced by both service providers and product suppliers, has become a notable feature in the business landscape. These clauses often seek to limit client autonomy by restricting the resale of purchased goods or engagement with competing service providers. However,… Read more

An Eye on Egypt – New Merger Control Regime Finally in Place
An Eye on Egypt – New Merger Control Regime Finally in Place
April 8, 2024

After much anticipation, Egypt’s Prime Minister issued Decree No. 1120 of 2024 (Decree) revealing the long-awaited amendments to the Competition Act’ executive regulations (Regulations). By way of background, in December 2022, the Egyptian Competition Act underwent a major overhaul with the introduction of a pre-merger control regime that grants the… Read more

Economic Liberalization in Kuwait: Welcome, Foreign Investors
Economic Liberalization in Kuwait: Welcome, Foreign Investors
January 22, 2024

The business and economic landscape of Kuwait just changed. With the ratification of the first law of 2024: Law Regarding the Amendment of Article 24 of the Commercial Law and Article 31 of the Public Tenders Law (1/2024) (the “Foreign Company Amendments Law”) on 21 January 2024, foreign companies now… Read more

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